Action Alert: Attend BOS Appeal Hearing! Monday, June 13, 2022 at 9 AM


CSH and NEC have filed an Appeal of the Humboldt County Planning Commission’s May 5th decision to approve the Blocksburg Family Farm, LLC Conditional Use Permits for 6.39 acres of Commercial Cannabis Propagation, Cultivation and Processing (PLN_12265-CUP).

This industrial size project is NEW cultivation and should not be allowed in a very remote rural location that is underserved by emergency personnel and public transportation. As described in the IS/MND, approval of the permit for this Project violates the County Ordinance, Fire Safe Regulations, and codified requirements for well testing during the dry season, for ensuring adequate resources and mitigated impacts to surface waters.

This project IS NOT consistent with the intent of the CMMLUO.

Contact your District’s Supervisor, and attend this Special Hearing on Monday, June 13th, at 9 AM … express your support for this Appeal.

Ask for denial of these permits, or else require a full EIR for the Project going forward.

For Appeal Notice click here:

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